7 Terrific Tips for Handling Your Own Auto Accident Case (Without a Lawyer)

Today we’re going to discuss a few quick tips for handling your own auto accident case without an attorney. Although we always recommend that you consult an auto accident injury lawyer if you’ve been involved in a major rack with serious injury many minor cases can be resolved on your own without the assistance of a lawyer. These will be cases were of less than $3000 in total medical bills. Cases where you treated for injuries less than 3 months. In cases where your car was not told. Out of an abundance of caution we always recommend you consult an attorney if you’ve been injured in a car accident however if you feel certain that your injuries were minor and they’re completely resolved in that you’re completely better and that this is a small case it does not merit bring an attorney into the mix the following tips may be helpful for helping you settle a case on your own without the assistance of a lawyer if you’re going to resolve your case on your own without a lawyer then you’re going to need to negotiate with an insurance adjuster. And to do that we recommend that you get answers to the following questions in writing if possible before you sign the forms before you agree to any settlement and before you give a recorded statement.

Question number 01  will you confirm in writing that you’re insured is at fault for the accident and that your company is liable for the accident and my damages.

Question number 02 for the insurance adjuster. Will you confirm the total amount of insurance coverage and riding that would be the auto insurance policy limits as well as any applicable umbrella insurance that’s available and provided by the company.

Question number 03 Before we give a recorded statement when you provide me with copies of any and all statements that you’ve taken from other witnesses or parties involved with this case.

Question number 04 If wesign your medical release form when you provide me with copies of all medical records that you obtain using that form. Question number 5.Well you can farm in riding whether you’ve done any surveillance of may since the accident and if so will you provide me with a copy of that surveillance the actual surveillance video.

Question number 06 Get the insurance adjuster to confirm whether they’re insured driver the other driver that caused your accident was employed at the time of the accident whether they were working whether they were or what lawyers call in the course and scope of employment demand that they provide you with a sworn affidavit signed by their driver stating whether they were working at the time of the accident if they were working you want to know who the company was and any insurance they may have.

Question number 07 as the adjuster whether they’ll provide you with a copy of any and all financial records employment records medical records any documents that year that pertain to you are pertain to your case. One final piece of advice if you’re going to represent yourself. Trust nobody but yourself. You don’t have a lawyer to protect your interests so don’t let the insurance adjuster law you into a false sense of friendship or camaraderie they work for the insurance company their job is to save the insurance company money not pay you to make sure you keep the roles clear r ring your mind and demand the things that we suggest.

Well there you have it a few quick tips for handling your own auto accident injury case without using a lawyer we hope this information has been helpful again we reiterate that we always advise people with legal needs to consult attorneys but if you insist on going the road also ne that’s a way to do it good luck.

The information presented in this video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice if you need legal assistance please contact an attorney immediately.


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