After two days of harm, after showing pictures of driving without seat belts, the police are talking to Prince Philip

The pictures, published on Saturday by Prince Philip at the Sandhamham Ranch of the Queen, appeared behind the wheel of Louis Rover Freelander.

He was in his car and did not wear seatbelts in the film. A spokesman for Norfolk Kunstable said the military was aware of the pictures and “gave the driver an appropriate word.”


On Thursday, the 97-year-old Duke was pulled out of a break in Freelander after a clash with Kaua.

Police said two women were injured in the clashes, but police said a nine-month-old child was still helpless. Phillip – Passing Breathing Breathing Test After the accident – passes a police pass pass on Saturday, a source told the press.

Alex Jerry, the transport director of the new King Freeland, was sent to the Royal House on Friday in Sandringham. It is believed that the same car that saw her Duke near the ball of the ball near the dumb.


The incident occurred on Thursday, because Philip came out of the side road at the end of Freelandan A149, which was scheduled for potential security of local authorities. Norfolk police said the two-year-old driver, kneeling and a 45-year-old passenger who had stunned Queen Elizabeth II of King Lin and was released.


The Force is currently investigating the incident and, if necessary, will accept the “appropriate creator”.

A spokesman for the palace said Philip went to the hospital Friday morning after consulting the doctor but “there is no cause for concern.” Prince Philip was loyal to leading the most powerful man around the world – but his car accident caused controversy about the elderly driver.

He also said he was “exchanging greetings” with other people involved in the incident.

Nick Freeman, Mr. Lopoul, said that if Duke was wrong, he could be accused of driving without proper care and attention.