Chinese Foreign Minister Kim Jong Un prepare for meetings at any time with the US President

While preparing for a second round meeting with US President Donald Trump, the Chinese Foreign Minister Kim Jong Un arrived in China on a four-day visit on Tuesday, receiving Chinese President Xi Jinping’s invitation and training with officials. He is closely watching the North Korean leader.North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong Un will leave for the four days with the top officials at the local time on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, the Beijing Railway Station tagged with a tight security, the Chinese state guest house was taken by the Kim motor march, and public transport was blocked in the surrounding streets for security purposes. Chinese and North Korean media said on the visit that the Chinese President will discuss the preparation of a second round meeting with US President Donald Trump with trade diplomats, Kim Jong Un. Responding to Japan, Kim said that he is closely monitoring the visit of Tokyo to give information about this.

Analysts say that China wants to stay in the central role of North Korea as a key step towards developing relations with the United States, and China and North Korea and their strategic and business allies want to avoid risk, because of these reasons, Kim Jong Un. The current relationship with the Chinese authorities is not going to be very good, in the meantime Trump administration is trying to normalize relations with North Korea. I can not ignore the three issues of 140 million people.

China wants to be involved in the progress of relations between North Korea and the United States. But the question is, whether China will assist Washington to improve relations, in the weeks it has said in the week that if the US withdrawal of sanctions and stop the pressure, they will have to find alternate routes. He said he was prepared to meet with the US President anytime, after preparing for a meeting with him, after the meeting of the representatives of the countries, the meeting of the second summit was taken.

Vietnam went to China in front of the official level meeting in Vietnam, before he visited China in three phases in 2018 before he was held before and after meeting with the trump on 12th June in Singapore.