Evanaka Trump may be the new president of the World Bank

World Bank President Jim Young Kim is leaving this week. After three and a half years ago, he decided to make such a decision. Former President Barack Obama has appointed him, since then speculation has begun with the catch. The names that came up are US President Donald Warri’s daughter Evananka Verry, finance minister David Malpus, UN ambassador to United Nations Nikki and US International Development Agency. Chief Minister’s greening gesture Among these, the virgin daughter Ivan quotes the possibility of financial statements in the independent quotes. It is said that the World Bank may be considered, whose head is Ivanaka Former World Bank President Kim is a former educationist and health officer.


He will leave the post and join a private equity firm on the street wall. The company is funded by providing financial support for the development of infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, the governing body of the World Bank has said that the President should be examined, the Crick Leadership record exams, and so is an experience in the international framework of the Superstore organization.

He must have knowledge of the public sector. Cody will be a multinational collaboration, her praise and commitment. World Bank’s largest shareholder historically recommends the candidate for the World Bank’s governing body. On the other hand, European partners have been elected chief of the IMF and International Finance Fund.