It’s not good want to return of donating money or car

Benefits or donations should be completely unconditional and pleasing to God. And its purpose is only to know Godliness. If someone gives a tip for someone’s benefit, then it can be reduced to a person.

However, the donation section of people and stability come and say to the peg that rnakarja This is the worst crime in Islam to help someone to help or take advantage of. If the expense, then reward is destroyed.

Therefore, kissing is a crime in the sins of Islam and the sins of poets. Quran Sura Baqarah, 262 Poems, spend their wealth in the way of Allah, and after the grace is never published and the pain is not allowed to allow them to be given to their Lord, their reward, and they do not have any point of fear, They will not grieve (Surat al-Barrah, Ayat: 262)

Al Baqarah verse 264 Allah says: O you who believe! In fact, those who are narrow, give benefit to others, and they imitate others. Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection.

Abu Zar (Ra) was reported: The Messenger of Allah (Peace were upon him) said, with the three sections of people on the Day of Resurrection, they will not speak to Allah. Khomtadanakari, Whatever he has to pay, he gives his knot. And who sells things like a false oath, and whoever is clothed or worn under the ankle. (Muslim, hadith number: 202)