Saudi Arabia Is Creating Ballistic Missiles?

This information has raised questions about the potential for military and nuclear power development under 33-year-old Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Because he has started a sudden project from one year to the next in the country. So it is not impossible for the aspiring prince to set up a missile factory.

If the information is true, the factory located near Al-Watar’s missile base will allow Saudi Arabia to create its own missile; As a result, the fear of regional warfare will increase with Iran, with a few more times.

Saudi Arabia knows that there is no nuclear weapon So the missile made in this potential factory will be a common type of ballistic missile. But if there is such a missile factory, then in the near future, surely this empire will have the opportunity to create a nuclear warhead missile.

Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear weapon expert at Montreal’s Middlebury Institute of International Studies in California, said, “We think that Saudi Arabia will not be able to create long-range missiles or think of creating nuclear weapons. But by filling up this possibility, we are probably scarring on their desire and ability. ‘

Luisi discovered the existence of the possible missile factory by analyzing the photos obtained from artificial satellites with its researcher team. Michael Elman of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, two more missile experts for the Washington Post and Joseph Bermudez of the Center for Strategic and International Studies examined the satellite images of the region.

According to these two experts, the high resolution images of al-Watah area have been found to be a rocket engine prepared and tested. They are using hard energy because they are thinking that they are using solid fuel. According to analysts sources, the images are not fully understood or are under construction, the Washington Post said. Even if the establishment is capable of producing effective missiles, it is also not clear.

The Saudi Embassy spokesman in Washington, however, refused to comment on what the establishment is located near the missile bastion. Even the Pentagon, the US State Department and the CIA did not agree to talk about it.