Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput’s son Jain’s first picture with Bahri Mischa

Mir Rajput shared only his middle class with his children Jane and Egypt’s images. Yes, my Rajput shared his first sister and actor Shahid Kapoor’s new son when he used to chat with older sister machines (only children can do).

While clicking on the photo of Marara and sharing the story of Enamamam with your enamymes, do you love two of their beloved pet? According to the previous example of Mirza’s joint example, Jane uses the old ship, while the vacuum bed reports the screen Now do not wait, Shapid Kapoor and my Raj Rajput have a small depression image.

In July 2012, Shahid Kapoor married Mir Rajput and in August 2012 welcomed the life of Mir Mir. The couple announced the second pregnancy between April 20 and Jane that came to the ground on September 5.

Earlier this month, my Rajput took photographs to accompany his children to Mumbai Airport Shahid Kapoor – and he managed to get his own internal protected Meera Paparaji, he accepted his grandmother.

Katie Mumbai Airport, Machhisha and Jaane, here’s the picture: Shahid Kapoor Kapoor can be seen in front of the Sharp Launch Meter Gulab in front of the honor. After Jane’s birth, she got rid of her work to spend some time with her family. A photo of Shahid Kapoor is expected to be seen – Telugu film Arjun Arjun’s movie was targeted and next year he will be seen in the next theater.