Solve your kidney stone problem within 8 to 10 days

The problem of kidney stone is very commonly said so here we come up with an ancient remedy which will solve your kidney stone problem within 8 to 10 days it’s very easy remedy you can prepare this medicine at home and all the things required you can get in your kitchen and it is very an effective.

Effect one of my friend he was suffering from kidney stone since last 1 year and doctors have suggested him that he should get operated, but then he took this medicine and within 8 days is kidney stone problem method will discuss  here.

We are going to tell you what you need take 10 gram saltpeter which is also known as Potassium Nitrate then take one teaspoon turmeric powder then take 4 teaspoon lemon juices then take 4 teaspoon white sugar and take 600 gram mineral water, so now, I will show you how to make this medicine so here we have taken a bowl we will boil the water to put the water in the bowl the quantity of water at 600 ml, no of 4 teas poon of sugar white sugar, we have added sugar and now we have added turmeric one tea spoon turmeric powder next wheel and lemon juices peaceful lemon juices real lemon juice have been added next for all the third saltpeter from saltpeter nicely.

The mixture in the front of your mixer it well and let it boil so this much amount of medicine will be sufficient for 3 days we have to take this medicine up to 10 or 12 days to get completes relief from kidney stones now this medicine will boil let it boil and boiled will it remains after that means we have taken 600 milligrams of water and boiled will it remain 300 so it will start boiled here, you can see after 5 minutes this medicine is started boiling and let it boiled till it remains of friends you can see the medicine has been boiled.

Now is being cools down it has been remained half almost half so the things that you need to the keep in mind is there don’t make this medicine for 10 to 12 days in one go makes this for only 2 days take 50 grams in each dose and take three doors a day so you will consume 150 gram medicine per day 50 grams and three times a day and one more thing that you need to the keep in mind is that you should not eat non veg food for 10 days and avoid brinjal and guava.

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If you don’t find and had better or potassium nitrate you can use normal soda is medicine let it be cool and keep it in a clean bottle and take 50 gram 3 times a day so this medicine will be for 2 days and after 2 days you need to make it again and take it for 10 days and it is an ancient Indian remedy it will work for sure, you can remain sure for more than comment bellows.