The Bank of England reduces the development approach, keeps rates in the form of a breaksum loom

In future, BOI has predicted 1.3 percent in the future to eliminate 1.4% oriented guidelines, accusing global economic slowdown. UK 2012 increased by 1.7 percent in 2012, because Britain will come back from EU in 2012. 1.8% prediction was first presented. Sterling News has reviewed the postal service agreement and has set a new week up to $ 9,199. . The effect of the proper method of financial policy depends on the demand, supply and demand of exchange rates.

The response of the MP judge on the financial policy of acquisition, takes its shape, will not happen automatically and will be done by both parties. In this meeting, the MPC decided that the financial policy of the current financial position is good.

However, the bank warned that business investment in this year has completely ended, company decision making has been damaged. And to make money again, it reiterates its position to gradually increase the duration of birth to achieve the goal of 2.0% in the birth period. In August, the annual inflation rate in the US increased by 2.7% to 28% in September.

To highlight the risks of foreign exchange for the foreign economy, thereby increasing the difficulties of financial markets, decrease in the Eurozone growth and the tension in trade war which is still growing. A few days after the news, the UK government registered an increase of 1.3 percent to 1.6 percent in the development of 2019. But in the Budget Minister Holding, the development guidelines of Phillip Honduras 2018 reached 1.5 percent to 1.3 percent.

The Times reported that London and Brussels have initially agreed that UK financial services will continue to reach European markets after leaning. Brake Minister Dominic Rob believes that a deal with the European Union could be on November 21, but EU leaders have warned that success will be needed on that day. The UK decided to leave the European Union at the end of 2011, but Governor Mark Carney has already said that Cheftech’s rate may be up or down.

According to analysts, stock broker Harrow lenses, according to the late Khalifa in London, markets have been disappointed after prices rise. The theorist wondered, England’s banks keep interest rates safe, the surprise is not surprising. The standardization of global demand in a delicate UK economy and the opportunity to make a long shadow center of success for the central bank.